Deitsch Non Woven Division- Needlepunch Fabric and Nonwoven (Non Woven) Fabric

Deitsch's needlepunch non-woven capability is well known throughout our industry. The Deitsch needlepunch non-woven division has some of the most technically advanced machinery in North America. If your application calls for a needlepunch nonwoven fabric, from weights as light as 2.5 OSY to heavy weights up to 30 OSY, then Deitsch Needlepunch non-wovens is the company you want to contact. Our width capability is up to 190" and we run a variety of fibers in 100% concentrations or blended. Whether you need a needlepunch non-woven with a scrim or a needlepunch composite with multiple layers, Deitsch has the equipment and experience to make it. Other capabilities our needlepunch nonwoven division can provide are heat setting and hot roll surface facing. The Deitsch Needlpunch Non-wovens division currently provides needlepunch fabric for an array of applications found in the health care, bedding, wipes, coating and laminating, filter, automotive and home products markets.

Machine capability:

Fibers – Deitsch uses an array of Fibers including but not limited to:


Our latest addition is our Quilting division that enables us to quilt your Top Sheet to our Non-Woven substrate in a number of patterns (diamond, Big Onion, Small Onion, etc.). Call us and see what we can do for you!