Deitsch Urethane Transfer and Fabric (Cast) Coating Division

The Deitsch Urethane Transfer (Cast) Coating group has state of the art casting lines for coating urethanes and other polymers to substrates. Liquid urethanes and other polymers are coated on specialty treated papers or films and married to a variety of fabric substrates to create some of the most aesthetically pleasing and technically advanced coated urethane fabrics in the marketplace. Each line has up to 3 coating heads that allow our technicians to build multiple layer coated fabrics with qualities that can be uniquely tailored to the customers specifications and needs.

The Deitsch Urethane Transfer Coating equipment can coat up to 78" usable width. Urethane and other polymers along with films can be coated in layers to build composites in line with one pass through the machine. Our synthetic leather coated fabrics have been used around the world for home fashions, clothing and accessories. Some of the most technically complex coated fabrics for protective clothing, specialty upholstery and health care applications come of the Deitsch Transfer Coating lines. Our liquid based polymer technology allows for multiple compound additives to fit specific customer requests. The Deitsch color laboratory can match your color requirements or create custom colors for your application. Challenge our capabilities with your specific needs.

Machine Capability: